…. from awareness into action


Education is the origin of human emotional and intellectual growth. It imparts knowledge on what is actually happening inside and around a person, and at the same time leads the same person to understand in a better way how other people feel and why they act in a certain way.

Ignorance on the other hand is often built on concepts acquired from incorrect or inaccurate opinions or beliefs, probably because of fear, helplessness or suspicion.

Knowledge is the key to that part of the intellect that may break the denial in a person. Through knowledge, a person eventually becomes more aware of him/herself and as a result breaks up his fear and starts accepting him or herself and others as they are. This leads to the inner need to search for more effective means towards self-realization and towards social integration.

A good prevention programme must therefore seek to influence the lifestyle of the members of the community, particularly the mind-set of the new generations in a constructive and encouraging manner. By discovering personal abilities, an individual would be exploring workable alternatives in his/her own life often for the good of the community in which he or she lives.

Trusting in this conviction, OASI Foundation includes alternative leisure and entertainment activities as an integral part of its prevention programme in a scheme coined edutainment – education through entertainment.


The OASI Primary Prevention Programme seeks to come in contact with as many people as possible in order to deliberate with them and make them continuously aware of the devastating bio-psycho-social effects of toxic substances. It follows the global approach and bases its activity on the belief that in order to reach objectives in the most effective way, prevention work must target its efforts on the individual in the various life stags and location of his human existence.


“Addiction” is the designated word chosen by OASI Foundation from the start to describe its specific field of work. This choice automatically led OASI Foundation to a wider perspective of thought and operation. While concentrating on drug addiction and alcoholism as the two main addictions in every society, it does not exclude other concealed or less acknowledged addictive behaviours that may be as much demanding today as in the near future.

In the process of its continuous, awareness campaign, OASI Substance Abuse Prevention Programme pursues at its primary level the imparting of information and the opening for discussion of other specific health related issues such as stress, tension, nutrition and leisure other than only addictive substances and behaviours.


The action plan of the OASI Primary Prevention Programme distinguishes families, schools, work and leisure and the media as its main areas of interest. Activities are therefore targeted at the various different social groups, ranging from children to adults in their particular environment whether home, school, place of work, leisure or in the community.

As already mentioned above, activities blend education with entertainment thus providing the right mix of awareness, information, life-skills training and relaxation. Sessions concentrate mainly on self-awareness, self-confidence, self-expression, communication, coping, concern and parental skills.