…. facing immediate action


Modern society, being the way it is, has always imposed pressures on its members. People are often turning to prescribed drugs as an immediate solution to their stressful conditions. The human mind being smart and equally imprudent, in order to cope with these pressures, has developed an accommodating harmful mentality of “a pill for every ill”.

When faced with opposing pressures or other factors outside their control, certain people feel incompetent, weak and even impaired to reach their self-realization. In other words, not all persons are well-equipped with the emotional and psychological strength and appropriate skills to lead an ordinary life. These individuals need external assistance to regain self-confidence and “normality”.


Immediate Intervention is an attempt by OASI Foundation to prevent individuals in distress from reverting to alcohol or drugs as a means to ‘solve’ their life’s ordinary troubles. Anyone can seek this remedial therapy at OASI Immediate Intervention Programme. This therapeutic remedy opens up in clients a process of honesty, release and change and in due time develops a support therapy that assists them in the recovery of their self-esteem, self-confidence and the gaining of a positive attitude towards life.

Immediate intervention deals with issues such as inner-conflicts, inter-personal relations, family problems, “different” lifestyles, emotional pain and difficulties related to stress. Through therapeutic sessions people are facilitated to regain trust and communication with their significant others.


Clients are assisted to search for and to strengthen the basic values of life, beauty and happiness. By exploring various life-coping skills, individuals at risk are also made aware of and encouraged to embrace alternative or healthier life styles.


The first meeting is an icebreaker between the counsellor and the client. If the initial session is not conclusive, then the client or the counsellor may request a second appointment. From then onwards the number of sessions are held at the discretion of the counsellor in consultation and agreement with the client.

Besides individual sessions, the counsellor or the client may request a therapy session in a group. Group Therapy often contributes to a speedy solution and a better result because of the valuable input of all those involved in the matter.

Certain people may need assistance to facilitate their liaison with other agencies, social services or professionals. Often people may only need immediate intervention in this particular way just to get rid of their tensions or conflicts.