OASI Cup Run 2016


The third edition of the OASI Cup Run was held last Sunday, organised by the OASI Foundation. This event was held to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in keeping people away from addiction.

The OASI Cup Run was a big success, attended by a large number of people who participated in the 10Km Run and 3 Children Runs, as well as family and friends.

The OASI Foundation would like to thank all the persons and organisations for their contribution, without which the event could not have been held: Mediterranean Bank plc, Duke’s Cafe & Gelateria, Duke Shopping Complex, David’s Bakery, General Soft Drinks, J&J Zammit Supplies, Buff Mata, the Malta Police Force and Victoria Local Council.

The Foundation would like to thankSandra Grech,Joe Louis
Xiberras, and Valerie Farrugia, as well as to the OASI volunteers and staff, for their endless support and dedication throughout the process of organising the event.

The winners of the 10KM Run were awarded as follows:

1st place Gozitan Female, number 19Agnes Mizziin the time of 00:51:42

1st place Gozitan Male, number 3 Michael Attard in the time of 00:38:38

1st place Male, number 12Charlton Debono in the time of 00:34:52

2nd place Male, number 23 Matthew Scicluna in the time of 00:36:41

3rd place Male number 31 Daniel Pace in the time of 00:38:19

1st place Female number 22 Amanda Rapain the time of 00:46:27

2nd place Female number 35 Charla Pia Vellain the time of 00:48:16

3rd place Female number 11 Jolene Debattista in the time of 00:50:55


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