Mr. Michael Grech, Chairman and Director General of Michael Grech Financial Investment Services presenting the donation to Fr. Emmanuel Cordina.Fr. Emmanuel Cordina together with the OASI Board of Directors would like to thank Mr. Michael Grech, Chairman and Director General and all the staff of Michael Grech Financial Investment Services for their initiative to give OASI Foundation a generous donation of €500.00 as part of their enterprise’s social commitment to the local community during Christmastide.


The OASI Foundation, based in Gozo, has catered for drugs and alcohol related preventive, educational and therapeutic services for the past 22 years. Its professional services, given free of charge are open to all Maltese and Gozo residents and include:

·      Prevention- services with children, youths and the community to inform them of the various effects of toxic substances can have on their person’s physical, emotional, mental and social lives.

·      Intervention- counseling and life-skills sessions to those who due to difficult circumstances seek immediate help before endangering their own health by harmful solutions.

·      Treatment- residential and out-patient services aimed at the treatment of persons who become controlled by the chronic condition of Addiction.


OASI Foundation constantly lives the tense experience of financial restraint. But through fundraising events and the support of openhanded benefactors, OASI could maintain along the years its sterling caring services to those in need. To contribute further to this cause, readers could write and send their donations to OASI Director General, 5, Wied Sara Street, Victoria VCT2963, Gozo.