The Board of Directors consists of between 7 to 11 members all of them offering their services on a voluntary basis. They are responsible for the development and updating of the Policies of OASI Foundation. They also act as personal advisors to the Director General.


The Director General is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and represents the OASI Foundation in legal and official public matters.


The Administrative Officer is responsible for the coordination of the daily operation of all the Foundation’s departments.


The Secretariat has the task assisting the Administrative Officer in the daily running of the operations of the OASI Foundation's services. The secretariat includes the Finance Committee and the OASI Group of Volunteers.


The Management Committee is presided over by the Director General and chaired be the Administrative Officer and its main function is to bring together all the personnel responsible for the interdepartmental synchronization of the OASI Foundation.


The Coordination Meetings are held weekly by the staff members of each OASI department in order to plan, coordinate and evaluate all the various activities and services within the department.


The OASI Group of Volunteers is a rich and significant human resource. Its members often bolster the operation and sometimes guarantee the existence of certain activities and services.